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There are some legal requirements when it comes to online games in Italy. First and foremost, you need to be an adult to play these games. The Italian legislator has made it clear that games are considered to be skill games when the players’ ability is the main factor. In addition, you also need to be an Italian citizen or have a valid tax code to participate in these games.

Death of teenage boy highlights Australia’s lack of resources for treating gaming disorder, coroner finds

You can also play electronic games of chance, such as slots and video lottery terminals, which are available in Italy. However, these games are not very popular in the country. According to recent surveys, only two out of every 100 Italians admit to playing these games. However, if you are a resident of Italy, this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy these games.

Besides, many people in Italy play Bonus Senza Deposito Immediato games. The number of online gamers in Italy is growing every year. The amount of money spent varies greatly. While most people spend less than 50 Euros a month on these games, some people spend more than that. As a result, the number of players and the total turnover of online games in Italy is expected to double in a few years.

Gambling is legal in Italy and there are five land-based casinos in Italy. Moreover, online gaming in Italy is available on dozens of legal online casinos. Licensed gambling sites have no problem accepting local players, as long as they comply with the law.

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