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The name “Craig Kielburger” is synonymous with change, and for good reason. The co-founder of WE Charity, he has helped lift one million people out of poverty. The organization’s holistic development model, called WE Villages, is a unique approach to alleviating global poverty. Through WE Schools, the organization provides comprehensive service learning programs for more than 10,000 schools, and the “WE Day” event engages more than 2.4 million young change-makers.

How to Know About Social Entrepreneur Craig Kielburger

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Social Entrepreneur Craig Kielburger has dedicated decades to creating opportunities for young people to make a difference. He has founded several charities and founded the nonprofit organization WE Charity with his brother Marc. Both organizations focus on educating and mobilizing youth in developing countries, and he believes that this is the key to systemic change. For more than two decades, he has been a key player in creating new ways to fight child poverty.

In his throne speech, Stephen Harper hinted that social enterprise may be the future of the charity sector. While it is true that many countries have cracked the balance between profit and charity, the reality is more complicated. Currently, charities must find loopholes to make a profit and remain profitable. The Kielburgers’ baroque structures separate the two, creating a virtuous cycle for both the charity and the startup.

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