Car covers are a great way to protect your vehicle, from nature to external threats. Small animals may gnaw on the wires in your tailpipe and make nests in your car. While they aren't as destructive internally, neighboring cats can leave digital claw marks on your car. Even squirrels may jump on the hood and eat your wires. If you own a car that has a clear coat finish, you might want to consider a car cover to prevent damage.  Why You Should Choose the Best Car Covers A car cover can also help protect your car from UV rays and other damaging elements. Sunlight can cause rust on your car, and falling leaves, rain, and snow can damage its finish. In addition to these elements, dust particles and moisture can damage the finish of your car. If you have a custom paint job, a car cover will protect the finish. But what about your budget? There are many reasons why you should consider a car cover for your vehicle. Custom car covers are tailored to your vehicle's exact measurements. They hug the shape of your car so that moisture and heat can escape without damaging its paint. Custom covers have features like mirror sleeves, pockets, and precise trim. They are often hard to find in stock, and may require careful stitching. Nonetheless, the quality of these covers makes them well worth the price. The perfect fit can make the difference between a great looking car and a drab, dirty one.