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Body rafting Alcantara

If you are thinking of going on a river trekking or a bike tour, you should check out the amazing Body Rafting | Sicily Active trips in Alcantara. It’s a great way to get some exercise and see what the city has to offer. You’ll have an unforgettable experience that you won’t soon forget. You’ll be glad you did when you come back from your trip to Alcantara.

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A body rafting tour is a fun activity that combines a canyoning tour with a Body Rafting experience. You’ll be walking through the rapids with your body, and you’ll need to wear a wetsuit and some safety equipment to be safe. This type of river trekking requires a good level of fitness and the adventure spirit to make it through the adventure safely. It’s a great activity to keep the adrenaline pumping!

The Alcantara river is an ecological wonder, filled with limestone rocks. This makes it the perfect body rafting river. You’ll be surrounded by specialized guides, who will lead you along the gorges and ensure that you’re safe and have a great time. Afterwards, your group will visit Giardini Naxos to sample local products and wine. The equipment you need includes a life jacket and a helmet. It is also recommended that you research and choose a company with a good reputation.

The Alcantara River is a 50-km stretch of water in the Giardini Naxos National Park. This beautiful area is home to the famous Cascade of Venus, a mythical waterfall depicting the Goddess of beauty. Although the activity may require some technical expertise, it does not require any previous experience. Technical equipment is provided and includes a life jacket, helmet, and wetsuit.

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