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online reputation management

ORMSEO  or Online reputation management is an important part of building a brand. A bad reputation can deter prospective customers. Studies show that nine out of 10 consumers check out online reviews before making a purchase. Likewise, 60 percent will not purchase a product or service from a brand with a single negative review. Using a goal-driven reputation management service can help businesses repair their reputation.

What is important about online reputation management?

Online reputation management is about controlling and shaping public conversations about your brand and your business. The main goal is to promote overall positive sentiments about your business online. According to Forbes, brands that have negative articles on the first page of search results lose as much as 22% of their overall revenue. And those brands with two or more negative results lose up to 44% of their revenue.

Fortunately, there are a variety of online reputation management tools and services to help you manage your reputation online. These tools can also help you monitor negative reviews and amplify positive ones. As a result, your business can protect its brand and attract new customers. By creating a positive online image, your brand will attract more customers and sales.

BrandMentions is a tool that listens to social channels, blogs, and news sites for mentions of your brand. It also shows you how many times your competitors are mentioned. Another option is Buzzsumo, which tracks how popular your content is and who is sharing it. By monitoring your online reputation, you’ll be able to respond to negative reviews more quickly.

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