Design Engineering Lab

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The Engineering Lab at PCCC offers software needed to create the necessary lab reports. These software programs are available free of charge, however, upon request, a student may be able to pay an administrative fee to have the software upgraded to comply with the current ASE Standards. These manuals are intended to be used by engineering students as a reference for lab class assignments. Students will also find them useful for teaching others in the field of electronics.

The purpose of this engineering program is to prepare students to enter into higher level Engineering jobs that usually require more study and hands-on experience. There are two levels in the Engineering Lab: associate and bachelor. The bachelor’s level requires about three years of course work completed at the bachelor’s level before one can apply for a job in the field. Many engineering programs at PCCC have standard courses in engineering; therefore, if one were to choose a specific course in engineering in order to apply for a job, they would have to complete a significant amount of course work already completed. The associate’s level is more flexible and allows for students to select their favorite course from a number of approved classes, whereas the bachelor’s engineering program allows only science courses towards the degree.

This engineering lab has been designed with students in mind. It was created to provide a comfortable home on the East Coast for those who are interested in the world of electrical and electronics. With the help of technology, working in an engineering laboratory is now possible without leaving the comfort of home. This lab allows students to complete an entire Bachelor’s degree online. All courses are engineered around practical topics with projects requiring hands-on work experience. This allows the student to better understand not only the scientific principles behind the course but how the science and technology apply to real world situations.

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